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I have many years’ experience and I can help you become a better guitar player and musician, regardless of the kind(s) of music you play. I teach a range of students from brand-new beginners to experienced players. Among the topics I focus on are:


* Correct essentials and fundamental technique

* Note-reading on the guitar

* Chords and how to understand, build, and apply them

* Music theory as it applies to modern commercial (pop, r&b, etc) and jazz music

* How to credibly and accurately play different musical styles

* Using electronics and effects (electric guitar only)

* Song forms and navigating printed music


Over the years I’ve taught students ranging in age from 5 years to 80(!) and I enjoy teaching all ages and skill levels. I try to tailor my teaching approach to my students’ learning styles in order to make learning enjoyable and fulfilling.


My hourly rate is $75/hour and half-hour lessons are $40. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always necessary to meet on a weekly basis; shorter-duration lessons on a regular basis are best for beginning players, while those who have more experience tend to benefit from lessons of a longer duration spaced further apart. Whichever the case I work with my students to come up with a strategy that will work best for each individual student.


The best thing I can tell you about taking lessons is that your investment will pay off big-time compared with the time and effort it would take to achieve success on your own. I can also identify and correct “bad habits” that might be holding back your progress.


If you’re also interested in a one-time lesson to address a particular aspect of your playing (jazz comping or blues/rock soloing, for example) I can do that as well.


I will also say this to any prospective student: If you are willing to commit honestly to a consistent and steady practice regimen and you follow the information and techniques I give you, I can pretty much guarantee you will make quick and consistent progress.


Contact me if you’d like to discuss the possibility of lesson(s).

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